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The Debian System -- Concepts and Techniques The Debian System -- Concepts and Techniques
Martin F. Krafft Open Source Press / No Starch Press ISBN 3-937514-07-4 / 1-593270-69-0
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Welcome to the readers' forum. If you are here in search of information, be my guest. Do not forget that the search box (usually on the right) may also help you find what you are looking for.

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Here you may discuss anything related to the book, unless a different forum is more appropriate. Please stay on topic (which is the book, after all).
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grep-dctrl by semifor 1 by madduck December 01. 2005
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Feedback This is probably the best book about Debian ever written, but it has a specific target audience: those who are already familiar with GNU/Linux, or at least other unices. [...] Martin F. Krafft explains [Debian GNU/Linux] with clarity in a thorough and very well written book. [...] For those with already a basic understanding of GNU/Linux and interested in debian Kraffts book will be THE indispensable companion. [...] This is definitely the best written and most intelligent IT book I have ever read.


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